About Us

January 21, 2007

Now, a little introduction:

I’m ‘F1 Student’. I studied at a 4 year college here in the US, and graduated in May 2006 with a degree in a humanities field. I’m currently in a period of optional practical training (working in my area of specialization) following my degree. I intend to start graduate school here in the US beginning in September 2007, as my area of specialization isn’t available in my home country.

My partner, ‘H1 Worker’, also attended college in the US. He graduated in 2003 and was sponsored for an H1 visa by a contracting firm. He’s since changed companies and now works as a consultant in the field of IT. He still holds H1 status.

My partner and I live together in a large city in the South. We own a car (or part of a car, anyway – the bank owns most of it) and rent an apartment together. Currently, we’re focusing on increasing our savings rate, paying off our debt, building an emergency fund and setting aside a downpayment for a future home.  When we’re not writing about money (which is most of the time) we enjoy cooking, coffee, running and hiking, and hanging out with our two fantastic dogs. More on all of these things later!